Discrete Geometry Viewer (DGV) API



The DGV library essentially binds together three important libraries. Qt GUI Library for user interfaces. The VTK Visualisation library for OpenGL data plot rendering, and the Blitz++ numerical library for performance in calculations and to clean up array syntax/code.

It is designed for fast and lightweight visualisation with no prior knowledge of VTK or computer graphics. The test programs demonstrate the usage of the classes in every scientific visualisation.


Classes are present that display images, surface plots and volume plots from simple 1D line, 2D image, 2D surface and 3D arrays via DGVPlot, DGVImageVTK, DGVSurfacePlotVTK and DGVVolumePlotVTK classes respectively. Fourier Transforms of the arrays are also provided (DGVFourierTransform class) as well as operations on data via GUIs. Some animation capability is also implemented for line and surface plots. Common GUI elements are also implemented such as drag and drop and recent files list. Casting from Blitz arrays to and from Qt and VTK objects are done using Blitz caster classes DGVBlitzArrayCaster and DGVBlitzArrayCasterVTK objects.