Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AboutFormThis class represents the about form
DGImage< type >Wraps the reading and writing of PNM ASCII images
DGVAnimatedScanThis class handles the 1D animated plots of 2D data using Qwt
DGVBlitzArrayCaster< type >This class handles casting of Blitz++ Arrays to and from Qt objects
DGVBlitzArrayCasterVTK< type >Object for casting to and from Blitz ++ Arrays involving VTK objects
DGVConsoleThis class represents a dockable console for DGVMainVTK class
DGVDiophantineVTKThis class represents the Diophantine functions drawn on DGVLatticeVTK classes using VTK for display. EXPERIMENTAL
DGVFileThis class handles reading and writing of files with comments using Qt
DGVFourierTransform< type, rank >Applies the various different DFT algorithms to Blitz++ constructs
DGVImageThis class represents the DGV Image Display object. WORK IN PROGESS
DGVImageVTKThis class represents the DGV Image Display object using VTK
DGVLatticeVTKThis class represents lattices in the form of the Fundamental Lattice in Number Theory. EXPERIMENTAL
DGVMainThis class represents the DGV Main Window object
DGVMainVTKThis class represents the DGV Main Window object when using VTK classes
DGVNoise< type, rank >Class designed to construct noise of different types and apply it an arbitrary array
DGVPlotThis class handles 1D plots of data using Qwt
DGVPlotVTKThis class represents the DGV Plot Display object using VTK. WORK IN PROGESS
DGVRadonTransform< type >Class designed to contain and encapsulate Discrete Radon Transforms (DRT). The transforms can be operated on Blitz Array or Matrices
DGVSurfacePlotVTKThis class represents the DGV Surface Plot Display object using VTK
DGVTableThis class handles display of data in a table using Qt. WORK IN PROGESS
DGVTableVTKThis class represents the DGV Table Display object using Qt
DGVTransformInterface class that Binds all the transform classes together for usage with Qt constructs such as Images and Tables
DGVVolumePlotVTKThis class represents the DGV Volume Plot Display object using VTK
itk::ImageToVTKImageFilter< TInputImage >Converts an ITK image into a VTK image and plugs a itk data pipeline to a VTK datapipeline
OperateFormThis class represents the operation form
ThresholdFormThis class represents the threshold form
itk::VTKImageToImageFilter< TOutputImage >Converts a VTK image into an ITK image and plugs a vtk data pipeline to an ITK datapipeline